Vapur Water Bottle: Smart Travel Companion
Unlike traditional bottles, Vapur lies flat when empty, and has the ability to be folded and stored where other bottles cannot- an essential for Smart Travel! It’s also BPA free, and super easy to wash. There is no water bottle like it.

Vapur water bottles are freezable, washable, foldable, reusable, attachable, and designed here in the U.S. They are about 87% lighter than typical rigid water bottles, which means almost all of the weight is from the water it contains.

When you’re packing for a trip where every cubic inch matters, a Vapur water bottle can fit wherever it needs to. It’s flexible, so don’t need to dedicate a cylindrical space with a certain height for it to fit into. Turn those awkward spaces in your packing into useful spaces to store water in. Then, when you’ve finished the water inside your Vapur water bottle, you’ve created even more packing flexibility.

Vapur Water Bottle Features

  • Water-tight cap has a flip-top opening for easy sipping
  • Comes with a plastic accessory carabiner so you can clip the bottle to a backpack strap; carabiner easily attaches to and removes from the cap
  • .7/23 fl. oz. water bottle is 100% BPA free; dishwasher safe

AAA Member Price $11.25

Visit your nearest AAA Travel Store to pick one up today!